Training for teachers of French

Stralang Institute organizes training sessions directed to teachers or future French as a foreign language teachers for whom French is not their first language and who want to work in France or abroad.

The training consists of general French courses and courses in methodology and pedagogy.

  • General French : 40 hours per month at the rate of 10 hours a week
  • Methods and pedagogy : 20 hours per month at a rate of five hours a week



  • To deepen their knowledge of the language and French culture

  • To assimilate and put into practice the methods and techniques of teaching FFL

  • To discover new teaching methods more suited to using technology

  • To apply the knowledge acquired to a class of foreign students.



The session lasts 4 weeks at rate of 15 hours per week.



This training is worth 2 ECTS credits.


Training schedule

Groups are created throughout the year.

Please contact us for more information.


Being teachers or future teachers of FFL of level B2

Teaching materials

  • Stralang provides course materials to students who need to obtain the textbooks and workbooks from to the administration.
  • Students have the opportunity to borrow books and DVDs. They also have access to a computer and a free WiFi connection.


Registration fee : 50 €

Tuition of courses : 1000 €


The plus of the training

During the training, students can:

  • Attend the Master FFL courses at the University of Strasbourg under certain conditions

  • Meet various French teachers toshare their teaching experiences.




STRALANG aims to teach you French in the best way in a cheerful and comfortable environment with its experienced and dynamic teaching staff.



当来到斯堡这座欧洲的首都,和我们一起发现探索这个有着丰富历史底蕴,充满文化气息和大学氛围的城市。加入我们Stralang,成为斯堡每年10 000外国留学生中的一员。

我们机构接受各个年龄段和各个语言级别的 法语学习者。 加入我们,享受我们带来的高品质教学,并在有效可靠的方式下 学习语言。